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My Poor, Neglected Blog…

5 May

So, if any of you are still with me than THANK YOU! Tell your friends.

For those of you that are wondering, there are photos of the graffiti party but…. I can’t find them. I am online somewhere and so help me god, I’m worried. For a frame of reference, here’s the back of my friends shirt. Apparently Switzerland ❤ her. Everyone ❤ her, she’s amazing!

Though impressive, mine turned out drunker.

The tank was a great idea, and my Tom’s were comfy for the entire night!

The next night I went to a friends birthday. I put in my hair extensions and wore an outfit I wasn’t too crazy about.

I love the shrug, I think it’s the jeans in this picture. Sadly I don’t have an alternative pic, so there ya go. Look at the hair though, so long, but a bad choice for that shrug. It hides the Betsey Johnson sparkle of it. Then I’m wearing a very old cheap tube top. I really need some new going out clothes.

This week it’s my cousin’s confirmation. I think I’m going to wear this dress:

Bernie Dexter, $129 on Modcloth

I wore it for Easter and it’s a great dress for church things. The print is obviously stunning and it goes right up to the knee. The shape is amazing, and paired with a little cardigan, it’s a great “I’m so respectable” outfit. PS: if you click on the modcloth link and look at the picture of Jess wearing it you’ll see a glorious pair of shoes. I own my own.

They are the very height of frivolous shoe love, and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a shoe more.


So, onto my new resolutiony type thing: I want to update this more. I made it for a reason, you’re reading it for a reason, and hopefully you’re liking it for some odd, unknown reason. So, challenge set!

PS! If you have any comments, leave em or email me at whatdoiwear.me@gmail.com


The Carrie Diaries!

27 Mar

After perusing Glamour’s Fashion Blogs like I like to do, I noticed something wonderful:

This is the first outfit for The Carrie Diaries! I am in love with this. I love the red and green together, and especially the sparkle. I wish I had the guts to wear this down the street! It totally fits my cute dress + cardi + belt formula though… hmmm…