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6 May

I’m one of those really dorky people who loves the first day of a new term. I mean I LOVE it. Like, to an unnatural point. There’s something so exciting about knowing that this term could be anything you want, an go anyway you want… I’m taking two psychology classes, biology, philosophy, and international business. I’m super excited 🙂

So, here’s the conundrum: What do I wear?

I want to look smart enough to impress my professors, but approachable. I need something cute and fun that makes me feel good, but also just works in that way I want my clothes to work.

I’ve recently acquired a new addition to my accesories wardrobe form my lovely cousin Alexa who picked me to be her confirmation sponsor.

Tiffany Infinity Bracelet, $205, Tiffany & Co

Tiffany blue… someone loves me 🙂 I got her a charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet with Hope Faith and Love, and my Mum got her a cross.

Charms, Thomas  Sabo

I got tons of the Italian charm bracelets when I got confirmed, but I’d always wanted a real one. I have my Mother’s now and it’s one of the best bits of my wardrobe… and a wonderful piece of jewelry to play with when you’re on the train! I guess I just love the idea of having a story like that on your wrist… something that marks your whole life!

So, tangent much?!

Back to tomorrow. I’m debating a few outfits, I have a cute modcloth top:

Pam Breeze-ly Tunic in Wine, modcloth… no longer available.

Which might look cute with jeans. I know it looks good with my black jeans, but lately they’ve been giving me some weird muffin top action, sigh. So, that shirt, with a tank under? Yes, a white one to keep it slightly more casual. Then I’ll wear either my Tom’s or flats. Probably my Tom’s. With my  brown Ralph by Ralph Lauren Governor’s Lodge Bag, which is the ULTIMATE basic.

Then I think I want to put effort into my hair and makeup. Yes. But in order for all of this to be done, I should probably sleep. 5:45 am comes early and I did some pretty neat partying last night… in a very “what would the girls girls wear?” outfit…

Happy first day of summer… semester.


5 May

I would like to talk for a minute about my new favourite show:

Girls On HBO!

Besides the fact that it’s entertaining, funny, and well written, I love the clothes.

So, let’s talk style, because that’s apparently what I do.

The thing about the look for girls is that it’s so EASY. This is not rocket science dressing, but it just works. Let’s look at the above picture- keep in mind I’m terrible and I’m totally going to refer to these girls by their character names. So sue me and then tell me who plays Miranda in Sex and the City. Seriously, aside from Sarah Jessica Parker, if you said you were more Kristin Davis than Cynthia Nixon, some might get it but it would take a couple of minutes. If I were to say I was more Charlotte than Miranda, you would GET it.

So for reference: left to right the characters here are Jessa, Marnie, Hannah and Shoshana.

Jessa looks awesome, and what is she wearing? Well cut pants with a sheer blouse tucked in. She wears her pants cuffed so you can see her shoes and a couple of bangles. Could I make this outfit? Probably not because I don’t own a pair of pants that I can tuck shirts into. HOWEVER, I could do it with a skirt if I ever find my black American Apparel pencil skirt. Seriously, how does someone lose a skirt?!

Marnie’s look is a super class dress. She’s always super classy. Her accessories are very ladylike and demure, and she just oozes class… ooozes!

Hannah is wearing a dress that she wore in the episode where she…. ah! Find a way to watch it. It’s a super simple woven like, princess bodice and circle skirt combo. So easy, so simple. One necklace. One simple necklace.

Shoshana looks adorable, and in the end all that is is a sweater and a skirt. It’s a SWEATER AND SKIRT! With a belt and a headband.

As you can see, this is nothing that big, so why is this look so hard to replicate?!

I’m going to throw a few more stills in the mix….

Simple tank and jeans, yet it works. I’m not sure how I feel about Jessa’s look though. I mean, it’s adorable, but I feel like it would make me look really, really big. I do love the shoes though…. and Marnie’s shoes too!

I love Jessa’s look in this one. I need to make a drapey blouse like that. It looks so effortless and cool! Hannah’s outfit is very much a sweater and a dress…. who said that before? Oh right, it was me. Such simple perfection.

So tonight, I’m going out briefly (I don’t want to have the grown up flu for my big Confirmation sponsor debut! Which I still don’t know what I’m wearing to. Merde.) and I’m going to pick my clothes based on what the girls girls would wear, what’s easy, comfy and works.

My Poor, Neglected Blog…

5 May

So, if any of you are still with me than THANK YOU! Tell your friends.

For those of you that are wondering, there are photos of the graffiti party but…. I can’t find them. I am online somewhere and so help me god, I’m worried. For a frame of reference, here’s the back of my friends shirt. Apparently Switzerland ❤ her. Everyone ❤ her, she’s amazing!

Though impressive, mine turned out drunker.

The tank was a great idea, and my Tom’s were comfy for the entire night!

The next night I went to a friends birthday. I put in my hair extensions and wore an outfit I wasn’t too crazy about.

I love the shrug, I think it’s the jeans in this picture. Sadly I don’t have an alternative pic, so there ya go. Look at the hair though, so long, but a bad choice for that shrug. It hides the Betsey Johnson sparkle of it. Then I’m wearing a very old cheap tube top. I really need some new going out clothes.

This week it’s my cousin’s confirmation. I think I’m going to wear this dress:

Bernie Dexter, $129 on Modcloth

I wore it for Easter and it’s a great dress for church things. The print is obviously stunning and it goes right up to the knee. The shape is amazing, and paired with a little cardigan, it’s a great “I’m so respectable” outfit. PS: if you click on the modcloth link and look at the picture of Jess wearing it you’ll see a glorious pair of shoes. I own my own.

They are the very height of frivolous shoe love, and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a shoe more.


So, onto my new resolutiony type thing: I want to update this more. I made it for a reason, you’re reading it for a reason, and hopefully you’re liking it for some odd, unknown reason. So, challenge set!

PS! If you have any comments, leave em or email me at whatdoiwear.me@gmail.com


What Do I Wear Today?

27 Mar

It’s such a pain to figure out. I’m trying to be more organized, so like a six year old I’m picking out my clothes tonight. I feel like I’ll want something comfyish, I also feel like I’m just going to change my mind the minute 5:30 am comes, but at least I made an attempt right?

I got this top on Modcloth in December. It’s not available anymore,  but I wish they would bring it back in other colours. It’s really comfy and I quite like the dolman sleeves. I also like that’s not a t shirt. Don’t think I’m getting too crazy though! I’m totally pairing it with my black Topshop Baxter’s. It’s going to rain, so I’m going to do faux leather thigh high boots (a steal at $26).

So there ya have it, rainy day chic in a nice, comfy package. Makes me wonder if I’ll be up with enough time to make hot chocolate…

Basics and the Daily Debate

26 Mar

I never know what to wear in the morning. I always know how I want to look, but it never quite gets there. Usually I end up in the following, which also is my introduction to basics, as I know them. I’m still not entirely sure, and it seems no two people have decided, so there ya go.

In any case, my daily wardrobe consists of three things. And that is a problem.

The American Apparel Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V Neck

With a name like that, who needs me to say anything more? These are great. They’re made for men, so they’re long enough for my 5’10” frame to wear with leggings or jeans. The deep v does fantastic things for the girls and the hips are narrow so they don’t do that weird stay where they are thing. I’ve been a devotee for four years now. They’re comfy, long lasting, great for travel and ridiculously easy to layer.

Bloch Flats

Black Flats are the hardest thing in the world. They’re so necessary- I wear mine for everything. The problem isn’t so much finding a ridiculously comfy, super basic black flat; the problem arises when you have to replace it. Bloch fits all the flat checkmarks. Super comfy, lasts forever (and I am hard on my shoes), and, most importantly, easy to find. You will always, always be able to get your hands on a pair. I just found out they come in all sorts of colours, so there goes my paycheque.

Topshop Moto Baxter Jeans

These are great skinnies. They’re comfy, come in all the colours you could want and they come in a myriad of leg lengths. I have them in just basic denim, royal blue and black. I want them in coral, a replacement oat pair, brown, pink, red and green. I love colour!

So, there ya have it. What I’m probably wearing today because well, I have an 8:30 class on monday mornings. There comes a point where you just don’t care.

But you should. Sigh.