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In Progress

3 Aug

I’ve been wearing Lulu’s alllll week. And Pj’s. Partly because I’m lazy, but mostly because of the burn. I have a date tonight though, so I’m wearing my American Eagle dress- the one I wore to the hipsteresque party because it’s floaty and I don’t have anything else really… yet.

I’m in the process of making a new dress and I’ve documented every step, so you’ll soon learn about the creative process 🙂

I’m also going to start thinking about what to wear to my birthday party on Sunday because I highly doubt I’ll be done this dress, especially since I’m not working through tonight. Totally don’t mind though 😉


23 Jul

So, as I’m sure you’re aware I’ve been MIA. My boyfriend came from Scotland, so I was hardcore preoccupied with that, he brought me a beautiful necklace with a small diamond that I will proceed to destroy (pawn, I’m broke.) because the asshat text message dumped me. More like tried to. I picked up a phone and made him have testicles. No one text message dumps me. Also, I was drunk and it seemed like a good idea.
In that phase I also did two very, very dumb things. Well, more than two, two very dumb things to my hair. Shopper’s is open twenty four hours, and it’s on my train route home from the bar. It was 1 am, there was $5 hair dye. I got dark blonde, went home and went nuts. I don’t know who they were kidding as that was totally not dark blonde. It was lightish reddy brown. So, not being satisfied with the non extreme I wanted, I, on the way home from another night about a week later, had a thought process that I think went something sort of like this.
heyy! I know what I never did in high school! I never dyed my hair black. Everyone else dyed their hair black, and that’s what I am, I’m a girl who dyes her hair! I can do anything because I dye my hair. This is a perfect idea!
So, twenty minutes later after legit choking on the cheap hair dye fumes, I had black hair. You know what makes me look really… strange? Black hair. I didn’t look bad, just kind of dumb. So, I made an appointment with my hairdresser and she gave me a huge lecture, which is fair enough. I used black box hair dye. She did a colour strip which worked amazingly well, I was just like, “It’s gone! It’s all gone!” then she put the colour in, thank god I had my hair extensions to reference my natural colour. If you want fantastic hair extensions, get Luxy ones. I have these:

Luxy Hair Extensions in Chocolate Brown 160g, $139.95

So, after putting in the colour I decided to be rebellious and put in a yellow and a purple streak, but over the brown, so it’s not in your face. She also cut my hair and extensions.

Bottom line, I look FANTASTIC! And I feel it to. As soon as the chocolate red-brown went in my hair again, I just feel like I look like me again. It’s amazing.

As for clothes, no new purchases, I’m being good! As I don’t have my android anymore- there was an unfortunate dropping incident, I’m back to my blackberry so chronicling will take longer and be in lower quality, but I still want to get on it!

As for stuff I want this week…

I want a pair of legit, good quality cowboy boots. I love cowboy boots, they go with everything and I feel bad. ass. But, I think these cheap knockoffs will do…

I Am What I Amble Boots, $59.99

I love Topshop Blazers. I only own one blazer, it’s black and it’s Topshop. They’re well made and at an awesome price point.

Shrunken Blazer, $150.00

My prof is pronouncing it deciBELLS. It’s amazing I’m still alive, I mean really.

My Poor, Neglected Blog…

5 May

So, if any of you are still with me than THANK YOU! Tell your friends.

For those of you that are wondering, there are photos of the graffiti party but…. I can’t find them. I am online somewhere and so help me god, I’m worried. For a frame of reference, here’s the back of my friends shirt. Apparently Switzerland ❤ her. Everyone ❤ her, she’s amazing!

Though impressive, mine turned out drunker.

The tank was a great idea, and my Tom’s were comfy for the entire night!

The next night I went to a friends birthday. I put in my hair extensions and wore an outfit I wasn’t too crazy about.

I love the shrug, I think it’s the jeans in this picture. Sadly I don’t have an alternative pic, so there ya go. Look at the hair though, so long, but a bad choice for that shrug. It hides the Betsey Johnson sparkle of it. Then I’m wearing a very old cheap tube top. I really need some new going out clothes.

This week it’s my cousin’s confirmation. I think I’m going to wear this dress:

Bernie Dexter, $129 on Modcloth

I wore it for Easter and it’s a great dress for church things. The print is obviously stunning and it goes right up to the knee. The shape is amazing, and paired with a little cardigan, it’s a great “I’m so respectable” outfit. PS: if you click on the modcloth link and look at the picture of Jess wearing it you’ll see a glorious pair of shoes. I own my own.

They are the very height of frivolous shoe love, and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a shoe more.


So, onto my new resolutiony type thing: I want to update this more. I made it for a reason, you’re reading it for a reason, and hopefully you’re liking it for some odd, unknown reason. So, challenge set!

PS! If you have any comments, leave em or email me at


Ooh! It’s Spring!

26 Mar

After  a sunny weekend there’s only one thing to do: Think about Spring! Spring isn’t my favourite dressing season- I feel a lot more comfortable in the fall when things are a bit more covered, but Spring definitely has its charm. Colours and floaty fabrics are always a welcome departure from the boring and stale. My favourite transitional outfit is definitely the basic pretty dress + long cardigan + belt formula. I ended up breaking it out for the first time to solve my hipster party dilemma on Saturday night, and it was perfect. Not too fancy, not too casual. Not cold, and super adjustable. Despite loving this combo to an unnatural point, I only have one cute flowy sundress.

I bought this at American Eagle when I was 17 and have been in love with it ever since. It works for almost any occasion and is so easy to dress up and down. It also looks great with a t shirt and tights in the winter. It was well worth it’s mileage. And, it has pockets. What more could you want?

I paired it with a gray cardigan I also accumulated when I was 17. I love it to death and I’ve already repaired 3 tiny holes… it’s proven well worth the $4.95 I paid for it. I noticed that I was a little shapeless, so I popped a 70’s vintage brown braided belt over my waist. I wore my Tiffany gold heart tag necklace and black Bloch flats and looked ready to go. If it was cold, I could’ve popped tights under, but I chose to go barelegged for spring.

I think it’s time to buy more dresses and cardigans.

Quick Visit Dress in Green at Modcloth, $97.99

I love modcloth for dresses… and shoes and skirts and swim. There’s some great finds and since they order in small amounts it’s hard to find a look alike. The only problem is massive duty charges.

Pin Up Dress Blaize in Landscape at Bernie Dexter, $156.00

This dress was a splurge for a wedding last year, and it’s been worth every penny. I’ve worn it only to that wedding, but it sits in my closet, waiting for the day I have the nerves (and the cardigan) to wear it. Summer, come sooner. This baby needs an outing. Small problem, it’s dry clean only. I’m going to try it with my washing machine’s gentle cycle- my Mum’s tried some dry clean only stuff through it and it’s been okay, but I can’t mess up that pretty print.

Engineered Floral Corset Fit and Flare Dress at Betsey Johnson, $128.00

I have just discovered a Betsey Johnson diffusion line.

A moment please…

She has sweaters too. I die.

Dip Dye Striped Boyfriend Cardigan at Betsey Johnson, $108

If you haven’t discovered yet, I am a Betsey GROUPIE. When she comes on Project Runway I go rambling around the house being far to excited, yell at everyone to shut up already, grab the dog and something sparkly and become enthralled by the Betsey goodness.

Now, as much as I love Betsey and I’m happy things are finally in the $100-$200 mark, for me, that’s one paycheque. So, it’s not going to work. That’s where sewing comes in. If you’re savvy, you can get amazing deals on fabric, and when you sew you get what you want, every single time.

These books will teach you everything you need to know about how to sew. Start with Sew U (Skirt, button down and pants) and then progress in this order. You’ll be a sewing and pattern mastress. It really is a great way to save some money and avoid that awful look alike problem. As for me? I’m off to make some new girly dresses! ‘Bout time!

P.S. I spent the day in PJ bottoms and a tank top… whoops.