Delayed Vacation Post- What I Packed!

15 Oct

So, one of the things I hate most in the world is packing because I’m human and packing sucks. The last vacation I went on was The Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Quebec, and Ontario, so here’s what I packed.

Apparently I make weird faces in photos now. This was a Monday night when my friend and I hit up Charlottetown and listened to a wicked awesome explosion of hip hop and some stuff about fascism. Successful open mic night no? I love this blazer, I got it on sale at Topshop for $120, and it’s served me well. The camisole I got at the bay when I was sixteen, it was $29 down from $68. It’s great for dressing up things!

This was my standard “uniform”- Topshop pants and an American Apparel T shirt. Comfy, fantastic.

I brought this dress with the specific intention to wear it in front of Green Gables. I wasn’t doing this picture in jeans. It ended up being a great dress to bring, I need more day sundresses.

It was HOT in Quebec City, so I broke out the shorts and a t-shirt. A yellow bag jazzes things up, even when you’re touring a jail and a library. And, of course, black flats!

That’s what I packed, and it served me well!

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