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Delayed Vacation Post- What I Packed!

15 Oct

So, one of the things I hate most in the world is packing because I’m human and packing sucks. The last vacation I went on was The Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Quebec, and Ontario, so here’s what I packed.

Apparently I make weird faces in photos now. This was a Monday night when my friend and I hit up Charlottetown and listened to a wicked awesome explosion of hip hop and some stuff about fascism. Successful open mic night no? I love this blazer, I got it on sale at Topshop for $120, and it’s served me well. The camisole I got at the bay when I was sixteen, it was $29 down from $68. It’s great for dressing up things!

This was my standard “uniform”- Topshop pants and an American Apparel T shirt. Comfy, fantastic.

I brought this dress with the specific intention to wear it in front of Green Gables. I wasn’t doing this picture in jeans. It ended up being a great dress to bring, I need more day sundresses.

It was HOT in Quebec City, so I broke out the shorts and a t-shirt. A yellow bag jazzes things up, even when you’re touring a jail and a library. And, of course, black flats!

That’s what I packed, and it served me well!

What I did….

14 Oct

So, as we all know I had to go to a party with the weirdest dress code ever. What did I wear?

It’s a terrible picture because I was trying to pose with the shoes. And that’s the one day will be famous Jordan Alexander. Know that face!

I’m Sick :(

5 Oct

I go through this weird cycle.

I don’t go on ravelry¬†for a few months, then I go on and suddenly all I want to do is knit. Today is fantastic timing because apparently when your throat hurts and you ignore it and go out for your cousins 19th birthday- looking FANTASTIC I might add, like, too good for a Wednesday, you won’t feel well at all for the next two days and your throat will close up entirely.


So, I’ve decided to watch Say Yes To The Dress and knit. I’ve been looking for a turban style hat, and I found this

I’m doing it in a black acrylic that I’m pretty sure is made for babies, but whatever. I love baby yarn. I’m about 13 inches into making it with stockinette. Wish me luck!

What This Blog Was Made For….

2 Oct

It’s my cousin’s nineteenth birthday tomorrow and this is the dress code:

“Dress Code

is sexy party meets 90’s club kid who is dating one of the Fendi sisters but before Karl. So Pre-Karl sexy party club kid glam. And maybe a little splash of Don Draper.

Interpret how you want.”

This is why you don’t want a fashion designer cousin.