Patterns Wish List!

28 Aug

I bought the big September issue of InStyle in Quebec. The guy was all, “le bible?” and I was all “‘Oui!” I speak French now. Apparently. No, my French was terrible but the woman at the pub I went to for lunch and quality big September fashion issue reading time was super adorable and was really impressed by my… effort? And she had a super cute headband. The French are just my kind of people 😛

I’m in the middle of nowhere right now, my Aunt lives in the country and we came to stay for two nights, but thank god she has wifi! I love wifi!

So, today I’m going to look at some clothes… look at some patterns! I’m trying to sew more so I can get the best reviews out! I also think that I need new clothes. Badly.

I love the idea of this bag, it looks so big and roomy! AND, most importantly, I think it can fit my laptop. I love my big Caboodle’s duffle, but I need something a bit more… not 10 years old 😛 I should still totally make myself a pink and purple one of these to keep up the spirit of my 7 year old self! Or a cute black one to use as a purse. The goal is to get this sucker and finish ‘er by Harrison!

SUEDEsays Fashion’s Night Out Red Bag,, $8

I’m a west coast girl by every definition, and one of the main things you need in Vancouver is something I haven’t had since I was little: A raincoat. Seriously, it pours buckets and buckets, but yet I get wet for no reason. I don’t like umbrella’s either. I mean, they’re all well and good until you don’t need em anymore and then it’s all, “oh hi, wet umbrella. What on earth do I do with you? I don’t want to put you in my locker and infect it with your rainwater, but I sure as hell don’t want to keep you with me.” Then there’s people who attach their umbrella’s to their lockers and it’s like, now the ground is wet. I will fall. Thanks asshat. And then if you get the small lockers, the person below you can’t get into their locker. I honestly don’t know why people get the small lockers, we’re in college now, you can’t even fit a textbook in them. Anyway, RAINCOAT! I like view A (the red one) because what’s the point of making a raincoat that doesn’t have a hood? I think I want a big, gaudy yellow one and a black one. And a purple one. Just tons and tons of colours so that I’ll always have a raincoat to match. Take THAT Vancouver!

Jacket, Belt and Boot Liners- M6517,, $11.37

One of my friends from fashion school, Ally, and I were talking the other day and I was like, “I feel so cute in dresses.” Her advice: “Wear dresses all the time.” Sound advice from a very wise woman. And clearly she knows what she’s talking about- she went to fashion school! I would make these in cotton lace to give them a more daytime feel… and maybe (probably) make a black satin one for nighttime! I feel like white satin lace would look a little to bridal.. but maybe a bright? We all know how I feel about yellow! I’d definitely rock my daytime ones with a long sweater, some tights, high socks and gumboots!

Misses Lined Dress- M6505,, $11.97

This one is just SO cute!!! I love really girly floaty dresses. It reminds my of the blue one I wear, the only one that actually fits me perfectly. Sadly, one of the buttons broke off yesterday, that means that in addition to that and the straps sort of coming off… I think that dress might be in its final days 😦 I can still repair it, but there’s only so many times you can fix something before you admit defeat… I would love one of these in oxblood. It’d really contrast the summery shape. I love cotton dresses so much I’d probably make one in every colour!

Misses Petite Dresses- M6561,, $10.17

AH! I love these! How perfect for fall! I hate that plaid and turquoise- sometimes I wonder what the people who make the pattern envelope dresses are thinking. But seriously, how gorgeous is the sleeveless one?!

Simplicity 1755,, $10.75

Another thing that’s apparently really in- and would be perfect for 5 meters of plaid wool and silk suiting that I have in my basement, is the suit. Obviously I want this one for absolutely no practical reason. Serious vintage love swoon! I love when patterns rerelease their vintage stuff. I love vintage anything, like to a scary, scary point, but there’s always that ick factor. Like, you don’t know who wore that, you don’t know what they did. And the smell…. I don’t care what anyone has to say, vintage stuff has that weird musky smell. That’s why it’s so nice that I can just sew up my own version. My own version of this.

Simplicity 2154,

I need this suit. But I want matching pants too! Pants are hard enough to buy, so you can imagine what they’re like to sew! I’m trying to find a good pants pattern that avoids the mom jean look.

Anyway, before I start sewing anything, I’ve got to get HOME!!!

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