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28 Jul

So, this morning I had the worst stomachache ever, so naturally I set up camp in front of the TV. My Mum boiled some water and put it in a hot water bottle to give me. Once on my stomach, we promptly realized there was a leak.

So, here’s the question:

What do I wear when I have this on my hip?!

I’m wearing lulu’s because jeans hurt. they dig into the bandage. Apparently it’s going to be like this for a week, so how do I spend this week?!

My initial idea is lots of floaty skirts- if it doesn’t touch my skin as much, it might not hurt. I think I’m going to dryshave and take some skirts out on the town this week.



27 Jul

Dear sundresses.

Fuck you. Seriously. I tried you on today. You know what sundress I own that I wear with any sort of confidence? Yeah. I bought you when I was seventeen. And when I was seventeen I was a shithead.

So there you go.

I have a date tomorrow. The hell am I supposed to wear?




26 Jul

What do you wear when you have two exams in one day?

I should’ve worn sweatpants. I’m from Vancouver, I should’ve rocked the lulu’s.

So, for infographics sake:

(is it bad that when I spelled sake, I processed it in my head as the rice wine? I was like, “Wait, that can’t be right… s-aaaaaaaaaaaa… oh.”)


Topshop Moto Baxter Jeans, £15 (THE FUCK?!?!?! BUY EM!)


Lululemon Groove Pant (in regular AND tall!),, $98


Excuse me whilst I panic.

I REALLY Need To Dress Like This More Often.

24 Jul

Apparently people are actually starting to read this, WOAH VALIDATION! If you want to follow this on twitter, I’ve set up @whatdoiwearblog and if you want to follow my non fashion related posts that have 100% to do with me rambling about things, generally that I see on public transit it’s @sandysmith

So, an awesome thing happened today! I have a job interview tonight so I’m dressed like a bit yuppie, black topshop skinnies, a green espirit button down with white polka dots (it’s SUMMER!) and my topshop blazer. There was a homeless guy on the bus with cans, and since quitting my old job, I can’t take smells anymore. It’s like “nope. away.” So I’m looking to the end of the bus because there’s a window blowing non gross air, and there’s a guy who’s kinda cute, so I notice and hope he doesn’t think the smell is coming from me. I get off the bus, he finds me, we talk, and now I have a date on Saturday. Seriously, I need to dress like this more often. Seriously, wearing things that look like they needed to be ironed will get you FAR. I also did my makeup- wanna see what’s on my face? SURE YA DO!

I don’t like heavy foundations, I started using this when I was 16, but only on special occasions. I think this might be an everyday thing now though, considering…. I use medium with a small tap of medium beige in, which gradually increases if I’m tanned. Get the starter set, it includes AMAZING brushes.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Original Foundations,, $27.00

My favourite new palette is the Sephora smokey eye palette. It has it all worked out for you so that you don’t need to think. It also has a little pop out travel companion. I’m seriously in love with this. I’m wearing the kind of silvery lightish purple one today.


Sephora Collection Smoky Studio Customizable Eye Palette,, $34.00

Blush is one thing I’m not even going to say anything about. Looks good on everyone, try this. Now.


Nars Blush in Orgasm,, $28.00

(Don’t bother with other shades. Worth. Every. Penny.)

So, I now have two ways to take this: I can do some professional, jobby clothes, or date clothes.

Mind you, give me option A or B and I’ll pick C. SO! Clothes I want that I can iron- e.g. clothes I need to start trying to wear on a daily basis. I’m also going to try REALLY hard not to just post pictures of shoes. I want actual clothes. Mind you. SHOES. Okay. Serious.

(I think I’m broken because I’ve been browsing modcloth for a half hour and nothing!)

I love this for a night out, it’d look SO good with jeans, or a high waisted skirt. I’d definitely wear a full on tank under it though. Or a date. Apparently I go on dates now, so I need to have clothes to do that in.

Warehouse Deco Beaded Top,, $112.97

I love this one. It’s gorgeous. I’d wear it on a night out with a little black dress like the model, or in the daytime with jeans and a t shirt. Which would totally luxe up my general ensemble. I love grey sweater, but it’s getting to the point where I should probably not wear something I bought when I was 17 every day.


Minkpink ‘Melody’ Gypsy Floral Kimono Jacket,, $130.35

I’m loving the black and white cardi, stark, but classy. I wish they had a blue and white version so I could show some rugby pride!




Longline Varsity Cardigan, Forever 21, $17.80

I’m still shocked by Forever 21, I always ignore it because I think teeny bopper and cheaply made, but I really need to look at my budget and stop being a snob, plus, who doesn’t love accessories?! For the whole green neck thing (it happens) try painting some of the back over with clear nail polish. It’ll give it a bit of a coating to stop the mess.


Knotted Chain Necklace, Forever 21, $9.80

Okay, I need out of this stupor. Honestly, I’m far to in love with online shopping.


Wise Words.

24 Jul

Wise Words.

I’m literally in the middle of writing a post, but this came up on facebook and I love it!


23 Jul

So, as I’m sure you’re aware I’ve been MIA. My boyfriend came from Scotland, so I was hardcore preoccupied with that, he brought me a beautiful necklace with a small diamond that I will proceed to destroy (pawn, I’m broke.) because the asshat text message dumped me. More like tried to. I picked up a phone and made him have testicles. No one text message dumps me. Also, I was drunk and it seemed like a good idea.
In that phase I also did two very, very dumb things. Well, more than two, two very dumb things to my hair. Shopper’s is open twenty four hours, and it’s on my train route home from the bar. It was 1 am, there was $5 hair dye. I got dark blonde, went home and went nuts. I don’t know who they were kidding as that was totally not dark blonde. It was lightish reddy brown. So, not being satisfied with the non extreme I wanted, I, on the way home from another night about a week later, had a thought process that I think went something sort of like this.
heyy! I know what I never did in high school! I never dyed my hair black. Everyone else dyed their hair black, and that’s what I am, I’m a girl who dyes her hair! I can do anything because I dye my hair. This is a perfect idea!
So, twenty minutes later after legit choking on the cheap hair dye fumes, I had black hair. You know what makes me look really… strange? Black hair. I didn’t look bad, just kind of dumb. So, I made an appointment with my hairdresser and she gave me a huge lecture, which is fair enough. I used black box hair dye. She did a colour strip which worked amazingly well, I was just like, “It’s gone! It’s all gone!” then she put the colour in, thank god I had my hair extensions to reference my natural colour. If you want fantastic hair extensions, get Luxy ones. I have these:

Luxy Hair Extensions in Chocolate Brown 160g, $139.95

So, after putting in the colour I decided to be rebellious and put in a yellow and a purple streak, but over the brown, so it’s not in your face. She also cut my hair and extensions.

Bottom line, I look FANTASTIC! And I feel it to. As soon as the chocolate red-brown went in my hair again, I just feel like I look like me again. It’s amazing.

As for clothes, no new purchases, I’m being good! As I don’t have my android anymore- there was an unfortunate dropping incident, I’m back to my blackberry so chronicling will take longer and be in lower quality, but I still want to get on it!

As for stuff I want this week…

I want a pair of legit, good quality cowboy boots. I love cowboy boots, they go with everything and I feel bad. ass. But, I think these cheap knockoffs will do…

I Am What I Amble Boots, $59.99

I love Topshop Blazers. I only own one blazer, it’s black and it’s Topshop. They’re well made and at an awesome price point.

Shrunken Blazer, $150.00

My prof is pronouncing it deciBELLS. It’s amazing I’m still alive, I mean really.