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I’m on Bloglovin!

17 Jun

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Categorization of My Wardrobe!

17 Jun

So, as promised I’m actually going to take a crack at putting all… well most… of my clothes. And all my shoes. Well… most of my shoes. While I’m doing this I’m also entering everything into an app I’m trying out- I got an android! I miss my blackberry a lot, it was SO much sleeker, but this one I can drop and it’s waterproof so hopefully I won’t break it. Anyway, let’s start with shoes. Please keep in mind that I don’t get paid for this and can’t have any sort of professional photography going on here. We’re talking cell phone camera on my bed. So, here’s the shoes by my bed because I didn’t want to get up.

The latest addition! My new Pegabo sandals! They’re super comfy and I’m in love with the fact that there not black. As you can see… I have a lot of black like:

These guys are new. Every girl needs a pair of classic black heels right? I got them at a big sale on Saturday.

So, there ya have it. Some of my shoes. I have many, many more pairs… but that’s a bit of what I’m working with. I’m going to continue doing this whenever I have a couple of minutes, so let me know what ya think of my purchases thus far in my life!