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Off Topic Rant, On Topic Everything Else.

31 May

So, this is just something I want people’s opinion on.

There’s a girl on my facebook who is trying to lose weight and posting every meal she makes including their calorie count. I, if you haven’t realized from pictures, am not in any way, shape, or form tiny. My body’s function is to play rugby, and for my position I need to be able to hit. Hard. I admire her for losing weight, I do. It’s just she’s doing it in such an unhealthy way. I completely believe in Bodyism, it’s not even about the weight, I can now wake up and go for a day with only one cup of coffee. It’s groundbreaking. And cheat meals?! SO necessary. If you cut the fat out of your life, you’re going to feel like crap. Also, don’t put it on facebook. It infuriates onlookers who don’t know you well enough to say anything.

Now, back to topics. My weekend is looking entirely underwhelming. I’m in super penny pinch mode and am very sad about it.  I wanted to head to the beach but the high is only 16, so I’m thinking that’s way to cold. So, what to do?

No clue. My friends boyfriend is away, so we might FINALLY have a girls night. Thank god, we need it. Also, I have a pub night lined up for next week,  so what do I wear to that?

This just in, I’m going to try to talk my Mum into letting me host an epic monopoly tourney.

House party attires at my place vary. (oh dear god am I showing you these pictures?!) We have the:

Halloween pre drinks. Word of advice, don’t start your All Hallows’ Eve drinking at noon. Also, don’t work at 8:30 the day after Halloween. I am legend at my old job for my attendance that day. Legend. Also, notice Monty, always chic, in the corner.

This one was in the summer. I was wearing a dress that I bought in a vintage shop and haphazardly shortened. I kind of want to turn it into something like this, but not strapless:

Burda Style Halter Dress Pattern,, $5.40

The dress has huge seventies arms, but I haven’t worn it since then, so it’s time to do something.

Or there’s the super casual, just having a couple of drinks house party. My parents don’t go away anymore. It’s sad.

So, let’s hope for a house party. Maybe I’ll dress up a bit for this one…

Sound Advice

31 May

I recently found this on Young, Hot, and Royal (why did she stop blogging?!). I printed it off and I reference it whenever I put on a dress.


23 May

We all know my fondness for everything Betsey. Betsey Johnson is my lifeblood. I hang out in the boutique- and I mean hang out. When she’s on project runway, I pause, scream around the house and make sure everyone is very, very quiet. (My mother likes to ask questions, “what do they win?” “same thing as last year mom.” “what’s the budget?” “between $50 and $200 mom.” “what’s the challenge?” “don’t start watching this right when the runway starts mom.” “Did they get in a fight?” “well, she just said that her dress looked like a dumpster threw up on it, what do you think mom?”) So, imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Sad face to closing, Happy face to 50% off. I wonder if that’ll be 70% soon….

If I Had Income- this week’s wishlist.

23 May

So, it’s that time again… another day another no paycheque. I quit my terrible job, so yay! No more hating that crap. Now, I’m on a new quest, so hopefully something good will come from that.

My new quote this week has come from Glamour via Mad Men- “If you want to be taken seriously stop dressing like a little girl.” Or something to that effect, I’m in class so I can’t check right now, but you get the idea.

SO! Here it is, my favourites this week!

Merino Stud Duffle Bag- Topshop, £85.00 (that’s $137)

I love leather. Like love leather. It’s the Italian in me, I’m all leather and gold and more leather and more gold. Gah, but yes, this is leather and it’s a good size. I love the two strap thing, it’s all class.

Jenell Silk Shirtdress- Ralph Lauren, $1,298.00

I call it if I had income, I don’t specify how much income. I wish I had this much though, that dress is beautiful.

Leonia Sandal- Michael Kors, $125.00

Stay with me while I justify buying these. My Mother, for the past two years has said that she’ll put $100 towards a summer sandal. I’ve been coveting them for about 4 months. So, we went to Metrotown and I tried them on, but they only had up to a size 9. I could get my foot in it, but it did that thing where it like, …… there’s not a good word for this. It “sausaged” out and looked like crap. Basically, I actually contemplated whether or not my feet looked fat which is stupid. Very, very stupid. So, they said they only came up to a size 9, which I don’t believe because for normal, healthy proportions models are a size 10. Heidi Klum is a 10- yes I looked it up, holy shit, if I were friends with Heidi Klum we could share shoes. Anyway, Michael Kors is the best, and he wouldn’t slight Heidi, or me. So, I made the ditzy salesgirl call the downtown store and lo and behold they had a 9.5 AND a 10. I haven’t been downtown yet, but I really feel like I need to bite the bullet and put $25- I think $38 in Canada towards them and just buy. Buy buy buy. I like that they have a lot of ankle support, and they go width wise so they make my feet look a little smaller. I love it. And the toe buckle  makes it easier to size them perfectly. I just want these. I really, really want these.

I need to find a new job.


Cream Cricket Jumper- River Island on, $61.76


So, this week we’ve learnt I can’t be unemployed because I buy things. Like those sandals, which are going to be purchased right after school. Yuppppp.


7 May

I wore a T-shirt. And a hoodie. I didn’t look fashiony or cute at all. I suck.

I did wear my new Tiffany though…


6 May

I’m one of those really dorky people who loves the first day of a new term. I mean I LOVE it. Like, to an unnatural point. There’s something so exciting about knowing that this term could be anything you want, an go anyway you want… I’m taking two psychology classes, biology, philosophy, and international business. I’m super excited 🙂

So, here’s the conundrum: What do I wear?

I want to look smart enough to impress my professors, but approachable. I need something cute and fun that makes me feel good, but also just works in that way I want my clothes to work.

I’ve recently acquired a new addition to my accesories wardrobe form my lovely cousin Alexa who picked me to be her confirmation sponsor.

Tiffany Infinity Bracelet, $205, Tiffany & Co

Tiffany blue… someone loves me 🙂 I got her a charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet with Hope Faith and Love, and my Mum got her a cross.

Charms, Thomas  Sabo

I got tons of the Italian charm bracelets when I got confirmed, but I’d always wanted a real one. I have my Mother’s now and it’s one of the best bits of my wardrobe… and a wonderful piece of jewelry to play with when you’re on the train! I guess I just love the idea of having a story like that on your wrist… something that marks your whole life!

So, tangent much?!

Back to tomorrow. I’m debating a few outfits, I have a cute modcloth top:

Pam Breeze-ly Tunic in Wine, modcloth… no longer available.

Which might look cute with jeans. I know it looks good with my black jeans, but lately they’ve been giving me some weird muffin top action, sigh. So, that shirt, with a tank under? Yes, a white one to keep it slightly more casual. Then I’ll wear either my Tom’s or flats. Probably my Tom’s. With my  brown Ralph by Ralph Lauren Governor’s Lodge Bag, which is the ULTIMATE basic.

Then I think I want to put effort into my hair and makeup. Yes. But in order for all of this to be done, I should probably sleep. 5:45 am comes early and I did some pretty neat partying last night… in a very “what would the girls girls wear?” outfit…

Happy first day of summer… semester.


5 May

I would like to talk for a minute about my new favourite show:

Girls On HBO!

Besides the fact that it’s entertaining, funny, and well written, I love the clothes.

So, let’s talk style, because that’s apparently what I do.

The thing about the look for girls is that it’s so EASY. This is not rocket science dressing, but it just works. Let’s look at the above picture- keep in mind I’m terrible and I’m totally going to refer to these girls by their character names. So sue me and then tell me who plays Miranda in Sex and the City. Seriously, aside from Sarah Jessica Parker, if you said you were more Kristin Davis than Cynthia Nixon, some might get it but it would take a couple of minutes. If I were to say I was more Charlotte than Miranda, you would GET it.

So for reference: left to right the characters here are Jessa, Marnie, Hannah and Shoshana.

Jessa looks awesome, and what is she wearing? Well cut pants with a sheer blouse tucked in. She wears her pants cuffed so you can see her shoes and a couple of bangles. Could I make this outfit? Probably not because I don’t own a pair of pants that I can tuck shirts into. HOWEVER, I could do it with a skirt if I ever find my black American Apparel pencil skirt. Seriously, how does someone lose a skirt?!

Marnie’s look is a super class dress. She’s always super classy. Her accessories are very ladylike and demure, and she just oozes class… ooozes!

Hannah is wearing a dress that she wore in the episode where she…. ah! Find a way to watch it. It’s a super simple woven like, princess bodice and circle skirt combo. So easy, so simple. One necklace. One simple necklace.

Shoshana looks adorable, and in the end all that is is a sweater and a skirt. It’s a SWEATER AND SKIRT! With a belt and a headband.

As you can see, this is nothing that big, so why is this look so hard to replicate?!

I’m going to throw a few more stills in the mix….

Simple tank and jeans, yet it works. I’m not sure how I feel about Jessa’s look though. I mean, it’s adorable, but I feel like it would make me look really, really big. I do love the shoes though…. and Marnie’s shoes too!

I love Jessa’s look in this one. I need to make a drapey blouse like that. It looks so effortless and cool! Hannah’s outfit is very much a sweater and a dress…. who said that before? Oh right, it was me. Such simple perfection.

So tonight, I’m going out briefly (I don’t want to have the grown up flu for my big Confirmation sponsor debut! Which I still don’t know what I’m wearing to. Merde.) and I’m going to pick my clothes based on what the girls girls would wear, what’s easy, comfy and works.