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What Do I Wear To…. A Graffiti Party?

19 Apr

Two weeks ago I went clubbing and got four free covers to a graffiti party at the same club tonight. I’ve heard of graffiti parties, but have never been to one. So, naturally I have no clue what to wear. and, naturally, I’m going to muse it out here. 

So, the points of interest are this: 

1) It’s a Thursday night. Granted it’s end of finals time, but a Thursday is a Thursday. You’re not going to be stiletto beauty queen on a Thursday. Mind you, I’m not going to be stiletto beauty queen for a while thanks to my ankle…. Lesson: If you see your ex, don’t be classy/sexy/cool and decide to say hi. You will turn around and faceplant. Your friends will die laughing because you just did a faceplant into your ex while wearing flats and not having more than one drink in you. Turn away. Always. Turn. Away. 

2) It says shirts and pens provided on the free cover cards. I don’t want to full on change, so something smooth. 

3) I don’t want ink to bleed on a tank I like, 

4) I’m having a fat day. A major one. 

5) My skinny jeans might be… They have patches of mud on them. I hope the water I put on clears after 15 minutes. We did some in the woods drinking after some drinking and bowling last night. The night started with a shot of tequila. ‘nuf said. 

So far my hair is in a fishtail braid, with my extensions in. Seriously, have you tried extensions? I am AMAZED by them. I’ve become one of those girls who wants to wear extensions every day, but I’m not yet one of those girls who will sacrifice sleep to do so. My plan for the semester is to look slammin’ (yup, bringing that back.) on the first day and scope out whether or not I need to put effort in for the rest of the semester. 

Smarter not harder! 

Anyway, back on topic. Fishtail braid! And my makeup’s done very casually- Beauty Balm, a little highlighter up to the brow, gold on the lid, silver in the crease, brown liner on top inner rim, white on the bottom. And mascara, TONS of mascara, finished off with Nars blush in Orgasm. I’m thinking a black tank and my hopefully dry skinny jeans will be the go to, but, small problem, I don’t have a black tank. Maybe a brown tank? I have one and it sort of has a tiny hole in it so it won’t matter if it bleeds through. 

Donesies. With Tom’s, so I can wear my insoles. They’re also all destroyed from my night last night, but hey, destroyed or storied? 

You pick. 

What Shouldn’t I Wear…

3 Apr

Sorry I’ve been quite MIA, I’ve had papers so lately all I’ve been wearing is pj’s. Super comfy, and I think my neighbours think there’s something wrong. Which there is. So, I will be posting more, especially since I have some fantastic events coming up, yay Spring! I’ll keep ya posted!