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The Carrie Diaries!

27 Mar

After perusing Glamour’s Fashion Blogs like I like to do, I noticed something wonderful:

This is the first outfit for The Carrie Diaries! I am in love with this. I love the red and green together, and especially the sparkle. I wish I had the guts to wear this down the street! It totally fits my cute dress + cardi + belt formula though… hmmm…

What Do I Wear Today?

27 Mar

It’s such a pain to figure out. I’m trying to be more organized, so like a six year old I’m picking out my clothes tonight. I feel like I’ll want something comfyish, I also feel like I’m just going to change my mind the minute 5:30 am comes, but at least I made an attempt right?

I got this top on Modcloth in December. It’s not available anymore,  but I wish they would bring it back in other colours. It’s really comfy and I quite like the dolman sleeves. I also like that’s not a t shirt. Don’t think I’m getting too crazy though! I’m totally pairing it with my black Topshop Baxter’s. It’s going to rain, so I’m going to do faux leather thigh high boots (a steal at $26).

So there ya have it, rainy day chic in a nice, comfy package. Makes me wonder if I’ll be up with enough time to make hot chocolate…

Ooh! It’s Spring!

26 Mar

After  a sunny weekend there’s only one thing to do: Think about Spring! Spring isn’t my favourite dressing season- I feel a lot more comfortable in the fall when things are a bit more covered, but Spring definitely has its charm. Colours and floaty fabrics are always a welcome departure from the boring and stale. My favourite transitional outfit is definitely the basic pretty dress + long cardigan + belt formula. I ended up breaking it out for the first time to solve my hipster party dilemma on Saturday night, and it was perfect. Not too fancy, not too casual. Not cold, and super adjustable. Despite loving this combo to an unnatural point, I only have one cute flowy sundress.

I bought this at American Eagle when I was 17 and have been in love with it ever since. It works for almost any occasion and is so easy to dress up and down. It also looks great with a t shirt and tights in the winter. It was well worth it’s mileage. And, it has pockets. What more could you want?

I paired it with a gray cardigan I also accumulated when I was 17. I love it to death and I’ve already repaired 3 tiny holes… it’s proven well worth the $4.95 I paid for it. I noticed that I was a little shapeless, so I popped a 70’s vintage brown braided belt over my waist. I wore my Tiffany gold heart tag necklace and black Bloch flats and looked ready to go. If it was cold, I could’ve popped tights under, but I chose to go barelegged for spring.

I think it’s time to buy more dresses and cardigans.

Quick Visit Dress in Green at Modcloth, $97.99

I love modcloth for dresses… and shoes and skirts and swim. There’s some great finds and since they order in small amounts it’s hard to find a look alike. The only problem is massive duty charges.

Pin Up Dress Blaize in Landscape at Bernie Dexter, $156.00

This dress was a splurge for a wedding last year, and it’s been worth every penny. I’ve worn it only to that wedding, but it sits in my closet, waiting for the day I have the nerves (and the cardigan) to wear it. Summer, come sooner. This baby needs an outing. Small problem, it’s dry clean only. I’m going to try it with my washing machine’s gentle cycle- my Mum’s tried some dry clean only stuff through it and it’s been okay, but I can’t mess up that pretty print.

Engineered Floral Corset Fit and Flare Dress at Betsey Johnson, $128.00

I have just discovered a Betsey Johnson diffusion line.

A moment please…

She has sweaters too. I die.

Dip Dye Striped Boyfriend Cardigan at Betsey Johnson, $108

If you haven’t discovered yet, I am a Betsey GROUPIE. When she comes on Project Runway I go rambling around the house being far to excited, yell at everyone to shut up already, grab the dog and something sparkly and become enthralled by the Betsey goodness.

Now, as much as I love Betsey and I’m happy things are finally in the $100-$200 mark, for me, that’s one paycheque. So, it’s not going to work. That’s where sewing comes in. If you’re savvy, you can get amazing deals on fabric, and when you sew you get what you want, every single time.

These books will teach you everything you need to know about how to sew. Start with Sew U (Skirt, button down and pants) and then progress in this order. You’ll be a sewing and pattern mastress. It really is a great way to save some money and avoid that awful look alike problem. As for me? I’m off to make some new girly dresses! ‘Bout time!

P.S. I spent the day in PJ bottoms and a tank top… whoops.


Basics and the Daily Debate

26 Mar

I never know what to wear in the morning. I always know how I want to look, but it never quite gets there. Usually I end up in the following, which also is my introduction to basics, as I know them. I’m still not entirely sure, and it seems no two people have decided, so there ya go.

In any case, my daily wardrobe consists of three things. And that is a problem.

The American Apparel Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V Neck

With a name like that, who needs me to say anything more? These are great. They’re made for men, so they’re long enough for my 5’10” frame to wear with leggings or jeans. The deep v does fantastic things for the girls and the hips are narrow so they don’t do that weird stay where they are thing. I’ve been a devotee for four years now. They’re comfy, long lasting, great for travel and ridiculously easy to layer.

Bloch Flats

Black Flats are the hardest thing in the world. They’re so necessary- I wear mine for everything. The problem isn’t so much finding a ridiculously comfy, super basic black flat; the problem arises when you have to replace it. Bloch fits all the flat checkmarks. Super comfy, lasts forever (and I am hard on my shoes), and, most importantly, easy to find. You will always, always be able to get your hands on a pair. I just found out they come in all sorts of colours, so there goes my paycheque.

Topshop Moto Baxter Jeans

These are great skinnies. They’re comfy, come in all the colours you could want and they come in a myriad of leg lengths. I have them in just basic denim, royal blue and black. I want them in coral, a replacement oat pair, brown, pink, red and green. I love colour!

So, there ya have it. What I’m probably wearing today because well, I have an 8:30 class on monday mornings. There comes a point where you just don’t care.

But you should. Sigh.

Well then…

25 Mar

“It looks like a hipster party… yeah. It’s a hipster party.”

Those words sent me spinning into absolute distress. Not because of some sort of weird fear of hipsters that may or may not be valid, not because I was worried that I haven’t done anything edgy since… well, ever. No, my problem was bigger than that. My problem had just intensified into an awful, awful spiral of doubt and possible shame: What do I wear?!

Mass layering was suggested, anything by American Apparel got a voice, and either cover up head to toe or let all the lady bits be visible under a curtain of sheer was promptly rejected. It got my thinking, how is this a process? What do people wear? Why do we wear it?

I’m hoping that I can figure it out with ya. Some things to lay out:

1) These are not hard and fast rules. This is more a collection of musings, conversations with myself and others about proper style. And my Mother. I’m sure you’ll read all sorts of the “fantastic” things my Mother has to say about everything I put on my body.

2) I did go to fashion school. I do know what I’m talking about… to an extent. The thing with fashion school was the cattiness got to me. I still have such a huge love for the industry though. It never goes away.

3) I sew. This helps a lot. It means that If I don’t have something to wear, I can make something. It means that everything I wear is tailored to me, by me.

4) I’m a student. I think it goes without saying I’m broke. I try not to buy new clothes… that doesn’t tend to work. I love shopping, especially for shoes. Anyway, basically, my version of budget isn’t the Moschino cheap and chic line. I dream of it though… one day. One day…

So, I’ll let you know the exciting conclusion of my hipster party disaster very soon… I hope you can’t wait!